High Up The Sky is a simple, yet challenging little game!


A weird eye monster, aka as Mr Evil Doer, has kidnapped princess Lilly of the Union Kingdom! You, the brave hero, must defeat the monster and save the princess!

Update 1.0.0 is here! Check all the new content below:
• Fixed all the bugs i could find.
• Made the first 3 clouds faster.
• The first cloud now goes back to non-solid mode after a while, in the case you fall down.

Install instructions


1- Download the RAR file.

2- Extract it.

3- Play.

How to play:
Press the SPACE BAR to jump. You can use ESC to quit the game.

There are two ways of "progressing". You can jump through a cloud, OR jump directly above it. It is highly recommended to jump through the first ones, then switch to just jumping directly above them after you reach the 6th cloud. The game automatically keeps track of your score AND highscore. 

If you happen to accidentaly fall to the ground and move, preventing you from being able to jump to the first cloud, you can press ESC to quit the game. Although that won't happen because you will be reset before you can even notice ;)


HighUpTheSkyWindows.rar 17 MB
HighUpTheSkyLinux.rar 19 MB
HighUpTheSkyMac.rar 21 MB


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I really like the game idea. The sound effects are awesome! Maybe you should think about making the gameplay faster or changing over the time (maybe enemies). And the intro scene is very slow (add skip button). Good luck in the jam!

Hey Delthor!

Thanks for the feedback. I will make sure to add the skip button, and i am planning to add more enemies and levels soon ^-^